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Jefferson Computer Museum 

Jefferson Museum of Science and Nature

Pamelyn Ferdin Web Page, now at www.pamferdin.com 

U-DIG Fossils in Utah, now officially at www.u-digfossils.com 

Foust.org - A personal site for John Foust. Includes the story of Arabella Jahn.

Saltglaze.com - A guidebook for collectors of Rowe Pottery.

EZSweep.com - Automatic entry of online sweepstakes.  "You can't win if you don't enter."

Kooky Cooky House - Rebuilding Capitol Court's Kooky Cooky House, one gingerbread cookie at a time.

www.jeffersoncountydairybreakfast.com - Jefferson County Dairy Breakfast

councilfortheperformingarts.org - Council for the Performing Arts

The Bratwurst Pages - A celebration of Wisconsin food

Jerk Fest - Jamaican food cook-off in Jefferson, WI

Madwaukee.com - Madwaukee.net - Madwaukee.org - All about the blending of Madison and Milwaukee

Araiguma Rasukaru - Rascal the raccoon

www.quickcareclinics.com - www.quickcareclinic.com - Quick Care Clinics

Boots and Kittens - An ongoing parody of Boots and Sabers, a Wisconsin political blog